Our products defend plants from unfriendly insects and parasites

Biological solutions

All our products are bio-sustainable and non-polluting

Eco-friendly products

Our product line is completely ecological

Easy to use

All the products are already soluble and ready to use

Our solutions for the domestic management of the green areas, indoor and outdoor solutions for your pots and gardens. All our products are 100% biological with no added chemicals, already soluble and ready to use, please see instructions about dilution and application on our products pages.


Our products are certified and 100% bio

Insect repellent and growth regulator for crops and other plants

100% organic

Composed by Neem Oil

Crops biostimulanting protector

100% organic

Composed by Chitosan

Biostimulant consisting of 100% enzymatic hydrolyzate of vegetable origin

100% organic

Composed by Biostimulant consisting

Crops biostimulanting protector

100% organic

Composed by Urtica spp

Bio-pesticides are a type of pesticide derived from natural materials. They offer an ecologically and effective solution to pest problems. The Neem oil, derived from Neem tree, is a natural biological pesticide. Natural properties of Neem do not have any toxic reactions, so they are helpful in plant protection and management. Neem pesticides are generally water soluble and help in the growth of the plants.

   Pests generally do not develop a resistance to neem-based pesticides

   Neem doesn’t kill insects, but alters their life process. Neem oil enters the system of the pests an obstructs their proper working

   Neem oil pesticides do not harm beneficial insects. The neem oil insecticides only target the chewing and sucking insects.